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'Prayer is continuing a conversation that God has started through his Word and his grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with him.' Tim Keller RIP

A prayer for God's glory,  new disciples, and the workers:

Preparing the way:

Heavenly Father, all creation declares your glory and the work of your hands, you fill it and sustain it, and yet thick darkness has overcome it, but at the right time you brought the light of men into the darkness and revealed your glory. (Ps 19:1, Col 1:17, Is 60:2, Rom 5:6, Jn 1:3-5)

For the sake of your glory, please have mercy on all those who are dead in their sin and make them alive in Christ. (1 Pet 1:3, Rom 6:11)

How can unbelievers call on the name of Jesus and be saved if the Spirit does not prepare their hearts? Please convict them of their sin, Jesus’ righteousness, and your judgement to come; cause the eyes of their hearts to be enlightened and their ears to be opened to hear your gospel. (Joh 16:8-11, Rom 10:9-10, Matt 13:15-16, Luk 10:23-24)

Prepare the way Father, shower them with your gifts of repentance and faith, and let your light shine in them for your name's sake. (Mar 1:3, Act 11:17-18, Eph 2:7-9, 2 Co 4:6)

Equipping, leading and protecting the workers:

Father, we pray for the workers that you send out to the harvest. You have given them the ministry of reconciliation, responding to the work of the Spirit in people's hearts by proclaiming the good news of forgiveness, peace, and new life with you through faith in Jesus Christ. Fill the workers with your word so that they will overflow with your words of life, hope, and power. (Jn 17:16-18, 2 Co 5:18-20, 1 Pe 2:9, Jn 6:68-69) 

Help them to be worthy ambassadors for Christ; commending themselves in every way to outsiders. May they act wisely, their speech be gracious and seasoned with salt, and that they will make the most of the time that they have. Lead them to those whose hearts you have softened to become fertile ground for your seed. (Col 4:3-6, Mar 4:26-29)

O God, you are their help, strength, shield, and refuge. Please order your angels to protect them, extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one, and deliver them from him. (Ps 46:1-3, Eph 6:12-18)

Equipping those who are saved:

Father, we ask you to fill those who call on the name of Jesus with your Spirit and power. Holy Spirit, renew their minds, reveal the way of righteousness, and equip them to make your disciples. Jesus, may you become their Lord, Saviour, advocate, and friend. (Eph 3:16, Eph 4:22-24, Heb 13:20-21, Mar 16:15-18, Luk 5:20)

Please encourage new disciples to become devoted to the apostle's teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer, running their race with endurance while keeping their eyes on you. (Ac 2:42-43, Heb 12:1-2)

May the whole world worship you and praise your wonderful, glorious, and mighty name. (Is 45:22-25)

For Jesus' sake, amen.

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